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3 Big Tips For Choosing A Mattress
Aug 14, 2017

Mattress is the most important part of home life Sleep occupies 50% of our life, a good mattress on the spine and other diseases of the patients have efficacy, then what is the benefit of children? We know that people spend about one-third of their lives in bed, and it is very necessary to start sleeping in a suitable creation from infancy, and a good mattress is very important for the development of a child's skeleton, rather than simply keeping the child in an old, secondhand bed, and many parents are now buying mattresses for their children.

What's the effect of the mattress?

1, if one day sleep time according to eight hours to calculate, then we human life, will have One-third spent on the bed!

2, young people's skeleton development and mattress has a close relationship, too hard mattress or mattress too soft will cause spine dysplasia.

3. A survey results show that a good mattress can make your sleep "more effective", that is, by improving sleep quality to shorten the sleep time, so that you need a day of sleep can be less than eight hours, and the design of an unscientific mattress will let you "break", Mattress which means that you have to spend more time to relax.

The above information should let you know the importance of the mattress. Today's mattress prices vary widely, up to tens of thousands of yuan, as low as three hundred or four hundred yuan, then how to choose a mattresses?

3 Big tips for choosing a mattress

How to distinguish between good and bad mattress, Mattress in addition to the recognition of brand purchase, the quality of the mattress there are some simple methods: mattress quality is the most important problem is the use of inferior spring and shoddy filler, consumers buy mattresses to learn "a look, two pressure, three listen."

"A look" that is to see whether the appearance of the mattress thickness uniformity, surface formation, Mattress line traces symmetry beautiful, but also to see if the mattress has a certificate (registered brand mattress should be a certificate of every pad);

"Second pressure" that is to test the mattress with the hand, first test pressure mattress diagonal pressure (quality of the mattress stresses the diagonal pressure balanced symmetry), and then evenly test the surface of the mattress, Mattress filled evenly distributed, rebound balance of the mattress quality is better, the best consumers can lie on their own experience;

"Three Listen" is the measure of the quality of mattress Spring, qualified spring in the flapping under the good elasticity, and slightly even the spring sound, rust, poor spring not only elastic, in the squeeze often emit ' crunch, crunch ' noise.

At present, the mattress market in China, there are water beds, Mattress latex bed and spring bed three kinds of material is divided into sponge, foam, horse mane, coconut bristles, cotton and latex and other categories. Latex bed elastic enough, high softness, the concave hole on the mattress, gap is also based on ergonomic principles of design, deformation opportunities, Mattress if pure natural material breathable effect is better.

Mattress Selection Summary:

1, "Look" Brand: the mattress purchase needs to look for the international big brand.

2, the "high" is not easy to low: High mattress can provide better support for the body, the correction of bones, improve sleep quality, the same situation, Mattress the purchase of high mattress more advantages.

3, to "personal" experience as the criterion: the purchase of mattresses or recommendations to the physical store to buy, everyone's skin, Mattress muscle and nervous system are not the same, like buying clothes, not tried, can not determine whether they are suitable for a mattress.

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