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Foam Mattress Has Very Strong Air Permeability
Aug 02, 2017

Foam mattress in our daily life is a large number of use, to a large extent to meet people for the high quality of life of the continuous pursuit, foam mattress originated from space technology memory cotton, in the use of the process can absorb and decompose human pressure. Traditional mattress materials will have a reaction to the human body, making the human spine and joints by the mattress squeeze, long time use will feel paralysis and soreness, Foam Mattress affect sleep quality. Foam mattress In the use of the process can be very good to eliminate the body pressure, no reaction to the body, so that the body blood circulation smoothly, the number of times to reduce, sleep quality has been greatly improved.

The continuous progress of technology makes people's daily life become more comfortable and scientific, foam mattress in use to a great extent, improve people's sleep quality, the body health level also has certain protection. Foam mattress resilience refers to the mattress under pressure sag, Foam Mattress there will be no strong rebound force, when the pressure is removed after the mattress gradually restored to the original shape. Under the pressure of the human body, the slow rebound of the foam mattress can distribute the pressure evenly between the human body and the mattress, and the effective slow deformation provides the most uniform support force to completely relax the human neck shoulder and waist.

Foam mattress In the use of the process has many advantages, including foam mattress permeability and antibacterial mites performance is very prominent, foam mattress open cell structure, Foam Mattress effective inhibition of bacteria and mites growth, long time use is still healthy and comfortable, foam mattress is particularly suitable for easy allergy pregnant women and children use. At the same time, foam mattress also has a strong air permeability, so that people sleep on the top will not feel the sultry, so that the quality of sleep has been greatly improved.

Believe that the foam mattress must have a certain understanding, but in the foam mattress selection process also have some precautions, Foam Mattress as the foam mattress belongs to the technology products, in the production process for the technology and experience has certain requirements, now the market foam mattress variety of styles, making foam mattress quality is uneven, in the foam mattress selection must choose some brand-effective products, so that the quality of foam mattress has a certain guarantee.

Now the market has a memory function of the mattress, Foam Mattress is a lot of tenants in the choice of hot, and memory mattress, as a foam mattress, it in the selection of what criteria? Today's little series with you into the world of foam mattress, let us learn how to choose a high-quality foam mattress.

1 Foam Mattress Purchase standard--technology

Choose a foam mattress when the first need to look at the mattress process, because the mattress technology is affecting the price of foam mattress an important factor, foam mattress production process can be divided into two broad categories, the following specific for you to introduce.

The market is cheaper foam mattress, the general use of the production process is: cutting. This kind of production is the whole piece of foam cutting molding, and this kind of cutting method, Foam Mattress make foam density distribution uneven, the human body use effect is poor.

The market more expensive foam mattress, the general use of the production process is: mold injection. This type of production is made with molds, through foaming, vacuum, etc. Because of its complex production process, its price is generally more expensive.

2 Foam Mattress Purchase standard-density

Foam mattress density, is also a measure of mattress quality, in general, high-quality foam mattress must be high-density mattress. Foam mattress density and foam mattress production of the formula, Foam Mattress raw materials and processes have a direct relationship, so in the selection of foam mattresses should be selected when the density of high, heavy weight of the mattress.

3 Foam Mattress Purchase standard-rebound effect

Foam mattress, because of its material characteristics, has a good rebound effect, the human body lying on the top, due to rebound effect, will not let people feel the pressure of the mattress, Foam Mattress thus getting a good sleep experience.

For rebound effect, rebound time is an important standard, foam mattress rebound time in 3-5s most suitable, short time, not to slow rebound effect, and rebound time too long, not to fit the body, supporting the role of the body.

4 Foam Mattress Purchase standard-temperature

temperature, but also in the purchase of foam mattresses to pay attention to, Foam Mattress high-quality foam mattress, mattress surface temperature sensitivity is very sensitive, will change with the temperature, such as temperature rise, the mattress surface will become soft;

This prompts the household in the purchase of foam mattress needs to be personally tested, the hand on the mattress surface, in the case of no backlog, high-quality foam mattress will appear fingerprint traces, and poor quality mattress will not.

Summary: The above is a small series for you to introduce the foam mattress selection criteria, I hope you in the purchase of foam mattress, you can also from the process, density, rebound effect and temperature four aspects of the comprehensive consideration.

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