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Foam Mattress Selection Tips
Oct 11, 2017

Foam mattress is what we say sponge mattress, its main raw material is row touch, foam this material includes polyurethane foam, high bubble foam and advanced memory foam and so on, foam mattress production often rely on the cotton, wool and other as auxiliary materials, foam mattress can closely fit the human infinite, In the provision of support at the same time very soft, flexible, cushioning the body's movements, Foam Mattress even if the frequent turnover, will not have a greater impact on the partner, the use of more comfortable, natural.

Foam mattresses are still rich in foam materials, including high foam, polyurethane foam, and advanced memory bubbles. Spring mattress, is now the most commonly used, Foam Mattress better performance mattresses. Simply speaking, this spring mattress is the mattress heart by the spring, flexible, but not the foil.

Foam mattresses have three main categories, the first is polyurethane foam, this kind of foam mattress is our common memory cotton mattress, slow rebound mattress or space memory cotton mattress, this mattress is originally used as space astronauts back to the buffer, its biggest feature is slow rebound, Foam Mattress can be very good to disperse the body pressure on the mattress, The second is the high foam mattress and memory foam mattress, this mattress based on natural rubber tree juice, with good ventilation, soft and comfortable characteristics.

Foam mattresses have unique characteristics, when the foam mattress feels the body temperature, the surface of the mattress particles will be ruanhua, it is evenly dispersed by the force area, Foam Mattress thus eliminating the single pressure point, is our user's blood does not receive oppression, and secondly, the natural foam mattress can inhibit bacteria and resistance mites, is a very practical type of mattress in modern home life.

Foam mattress Purchase, must pay attention to deformation

Foam mattresses are made from foam material, this mattress is more software, household foam mattress will give people a more relaxed feeling, but the general foam material made of foam mattress, Foam Mattress because of its material is not stable, after a period of time will appear deformed situation, and heat is not appropriate to emit, resulting in a foam mattress life short.

Foam manufacturing process has two kinds: cutting and mold injection, cutting is to buy a large chunk of foam, cut well molded; mold is made through a series of processes such as foaming, vacuum and so on. The foam mattress that is cut and molded is easy to draw down where it is often pressed. Because the whole foam of cutting and forming is often uneven in density distribution, it is not possible to consider ergonomics when cutting, Foam Mattress so the foam mattress which is cut and molded is relatively cheaper. and mold injection foam mattress prices will generally be high, because his craft to be more complex. So you can choose foam mattress in accordance with their actual situation.

Density is the basic index of foam mattress, but even the same density of the product will vary greatly, mainly by the formulation and process and the different raw materials. But high-quality foam mattresses must be high-density, but high-density foam mattresses are not necessarily high quality. The density of general high-grade foam mattress is 80, and the density of ordinary foam mattress is 50. Foam Mattress Density can be differentiated according to volume size and weight, also said the same size of the mattress, if the heavier one, should be denser.

We are in the selection of foam mattress when there is a misunderstanding, that foam mattress rebound time is better, in fact, foam mattress better rebound time is $number seconds or so. Time is too short to play slow rebound effect, too long not to fit supporting the role! So the rebound time of the generally good foam mattress will be controlled within 3-5 seconds of this range, Both support and comfort are very suitable. Foam Mattress Feel and temperature sensing. Good temperature feeling foam mattress feel comfortable, like pinch dough feeling, the almost foam felt a little stiff; the high-grade foam mattress also has a good temperature induction, Foam Mattress will change with the temperature of the soft harden, hands on the top of the pressure can see the handprint. The foam mattress with a bad temperature is only pressed to see fingerprints.

Foam mattress selection of small skills, a small series on the share of the end, I hope to buy foam mattress for everyone to help.

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