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Foam Mattress Soft And Comfortable
Jul 11, 2017

Foam mattress is what we say sponge mattress, its main raw material is row touch, foam this material includes polyurethane foam, high bomb foam and advanced memory foam, etc., foam mattress production often depends on the pure cotton, wool as an auxiliary material, foam mattress can closely fit the human body Unlimited, in providing support at the same time very soft, flexible, cushioning the body's movements, Foam Mattress even if the frequent turn over, will not have a greater impact on the partner, the use of more comfortable, natural.

In the above content, we talk about the foam mattress There are three main categories, the first is polyurethane foam, this foam mattress is our common memory cotton mattress, slow rebound mattress or space memory cotton mattress, this mattress was originally used as space astronauts return to buffer, its biggest feature is slow rebound, can be very good dispersion of the human body on the mattress pressure, followed by the high foam mattress and memory foam mattress, this mattress based on natural rubber tree juice, with good permeability, Foam Mattress Soft and comfortable features.

Foam Mattress-Benefits

Want to know foam mattress good, then first of all to our foam mattress advantages and disadvantages to do a simple understanding, foam mattress has a unique character, Foam Mattress when the foam mattress feel body temperature, the surface of the mattress particles will Ruanhua, the force area evenly scattered open, thus eliminates the single pressure point, is our user's blood not to receive the oppression, secondly, the natural foam mattress also can inhibit the bacterium and the resistance mite, is the modern type home life very practical a mattress type.

Sponge mattresses, also known as foam mattresses, are the main material that makes a foam mattress. Of course, sponge mattresses Foam Mattress are also rich in foam materials, including: high elasticity foam, polyurethane foam, advanced memory foam.

Advantages: There are three kinds of foam mattresses on the market: Memory foam mattress, polyurethane foam mattress, high foam mattress. The biggest difference between these foam mattresses is that they are different in comfort and can meet the needs of individual consumers. Foam Mattress Foam mattress is the most characteristic is the characteristics of temperature, simply said that when the foam mattress feel the body temperature, the surface of the particle softening, the pressure area will gradually distribute evenly, so as to eliminate the human body to bring the mattress pressure, so that the human blood circulation will not be oppressed. Its biggest characteristic is can absorb the human body weight, the person lies on the top feels like floats in the air, resilience is extremely good. One of the common market is polyurethane foam mattress, that is, memory cotton mattress, is a slow resilience of the mattress, in simple terms, can change with the pressure of the shape, can be very good fitting the body curve, thus reducing the mattress on the body pressure. The foam mattress and memory foam mattress used in the bubble, are all plant-made foam, the greatest advantage is also a good resilience, but also very good support.

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