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Foam Mattresses Are Breathable
Jun 27, 2017

Foam mattress is that we speak sponge mattress, its main raw material is the touch, foam this material includes polyurethane foam, high foam and high foam foam, etc., foam mattress production often rely on cotton , Wool and other auxiliary materials, foam mattress can fit the body of the infinite, while providing support at the same time very soft, flexible, buffal body movements, even if the frequent turn over, it will not be a greater impact on the partner , Foam Mattress Use more comfortable, natural.

Foam Mattress - Classification

In the above content, we talked about the main types of foam mattresses, the first category is the polyurethane foam, this foam mattress is our common memory mattresses, slow rebound mattress or space memory cotton bed Pad, this mattress was originally used as a space astronauts back to the buffer, Foam Mattress its biggest feature is the slow rebound, can be a good dispersion of the human body on the mattress pressure, followed by high foam foam mattress and memory foam bed Mat, this mattress is drawn from the natural rubber tree juice, with good ventilation, soft and comfortable features.

Foam mattresses - advantages

Want to know the foam mattress is good, then we must first of the advantages and disadvantages of our foam mattress to do a simple understanding of the foam mattress has a unique dare to ask characteristics, when the foam mattress feel the body temperature, the bed The surface of the particles will be soft words, Foam Mattress bar force area evenly dispersed, so as to eliminate a single pressure point is that our users do not receive the oppression of blood, followed by natural foam mattress can inhibit bacteria and resistance to mites, Is a modern home life is very practical a mattress type.

Foam mattress - how to buy

Everyone in the understanding of our foam mattress after the relevant circumstances, is not also want to buy a to try it? Buy foam mattress we have to pay attention to what? First of all, we want to see the production of foam mattress, foam manufacturing mainly in two forms, one cutting, Foam Mattress the second is mold injection, the general mold injection foam mattress price than the cutting process under the foam mattress some. And then pay attention to is the density of foam mattresses and rebound time, the general high-end foam mattress density is 80, rebound time between 3-5 seconds!

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