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Hotel Mattress Material
Jul 21, 2017

Hotel mattress standard

Five-star hotel mattress, and other mattresses mainly reflect the difference between the material, generally divided into three, the first is the difference between the spring mesh with the mattress, the second is the difference between the main mattress, The third is the difference between the type and function of the mattress material.

First of all to say that the mattress spring net, mainly two, one is the chain spring mattress, one is an independent belt or independent tube spring mattress. The former is the most common spring mattress on the market, and the independent belt or independent cylinder is because of the characteristics of each other without interference and attention, if it is a hotel mattress double or large bed, Hotel Mattress independent bag or independent tube spring mattress Is preferred, and if it is a single mattress, or the hotel plus mattress, you can choose according to the actual situation.

Mattress with the main material in two cases, one is non-spring mattress, a spring mattress, non-spring mattress is no plus spring net mattress, such as full latex mattress, full brown mattress, memory Cotton mattress, etc., and the spring mattress is the kind of said above. Hotel Mattress For the five-star hotel mattress, non-spring mattress can choose latex mattress, memory cotton mattress, the reason is not recommended whole brown mattress, because this mattress is too hard, a lot of consumers will dislike. And on the spring mattress, mainly to see the spring mattress filling, there will be latex, memory cotton, palm, sponge, and then is the fabric, the hotel mattresses are mostly knitted fabrics, Hotel Mattress this fabric feel fine, Soft, moisture is also very strong.

The last is the thickness of the mattress, function and technology, the thickness of the hotel mattress, the same two different mattresses, a mattress mattress than the other to a layer of sponge, or memory cotton, then There is no doubt that this cushion will be thicker mattress will be more comfortable. For the five-star hotel mattress, in the function above may be based on the actual situation of the hotel to set, Hotel Mattress such as mattress anti-mite, waterproof, anti-static and so on. On the process, mainly to see the actual needs of the hotel, such as the general five-star hotel mattress, will use the edge reinforcement system, is the long side of the spring net on both sides of the use of thicker spring, so as to prevent sleeping on the mattress The people slipped from the edge.

Hotel mattress thickness

In general, the four-star hotel mattress thickness or height of 25 cm or more, while the hotel mattress thickness or height of 28 cm or more. Of course, Hotel Mattress the hotel can according to their own situation, choose the appropriate height, four-star hotel mattress thickness can be customized 30 cm, and the thickness of the hotel mattress can also be made 25 cm, or even lower.

Hotel mattress prices

Probably the price range between 750-1500, but this is not the final price of the hotel mattress, with the hotel mattress from the volume and the actual needs of the hotel and there will be a corresponding adjustment, especially part of the five-star hotel Will purchase five-star hotel mattress, so even if the bulk, it is possible that the hotel mattress price even up to 2000, all the hotel mattress to use the material as a benchmark.

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