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Mattress Purchase Knowledge
Jun 27, 2017

Mattress classification; according to the different technology and technology can be divided into:> spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, inflatable mattresses, magnetic beds and so on.

1, spring mattress: is a modern commonly used, better performance mattress, the mat by the spring composition. The pad has a good elasticity, better support, breathable, durable and so on.

2, palm mattress: made of palm fiber, the general texture of hard, or hard in a little soft. The mattress price is relatively low. When used, there is a natural palm odor, poor durability, Mattress easy to collapse deformation, poor supporting performance, maintenance is not easy to eat or moldy.

3, latex mattress: made of polyurethane compounds, also known as PU foam mattress. Its softness is high, strong water absorption, but the elasticity and lack of ventilation, so mattress is easy to wet.

4, water mattress: the use of buoyancy principle, buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, Dongnuanxialiang, hyperthermia and other characteristics.

5, inflatable mattress: the mattress material is excellent, Mattress environmentally friendly and safe, with health care, easy collection, easy to carry and so on, suitable for home, travel.

6, magnetic mattress: in the spring mattress on the basis of the mattress in the surface of a special set of magnetic pieces to produce a stable magnetic field, and the use of magnetic field biological effects, in order to achieve sedation, pain, improve blood circulation, eliminate Swollen and other effects, Mattress are health mattresses.

Mattress purchase knowledge

First, the visual method: with the eyes to see whether it is in accordance with the national quality system testing standards, high-quality mattresses have specific signs and requirements, such as registered trademarks, export signs letters, certificate, factory date, specifications, model, Both sides of the front suture depth and the thickness of the thickness of the uniform, smooth, vertical is not easy to overturned, straight and so are the quality of mattress is an indispensable condition. In addition, in the choice of mattress, Mattress it is best to look for two well-known;

First, well-known brands, because the well-known shopping malls reputation is good, the product stationed in its high demand, the quality of the strict, the quality of products sold is guaranteed.

Second, the personal experience: the selection of mattresses, it is best to lie in bed on their own feelings, fully combined with their usual favorite sleeping position, such as turning around in bed a few times to see if there is no hard mattress Or rugged place, Mattress because the good mattress lining material will not move or rugged

Mattress maintenance

1, regular flip. New mattress in the purchase of the first year of use, every two to three months positive and negative, left or right or head flip once, so that the mattress spring force average, then about once every six months.

2, with better quality bed sheets, not only sweat, but also to keep the fabric clean.

3, keep clean. Clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis, but do not wash directly with water or detergent. While avoiding the bath or sweat immediately after lying on it, not to use the electrical appliances or smoking in bed.

4, do not often sit on the edge of the bed, Mattress because the mattress of the four corners of the most fragile, long-term sitting on the edge of the bed, easy to protect the edge of the spring.

5, do not jump in bed, so as to avoid a single point of force by the Ambassador spring damage.

6, when used to remove plastic bags, to keep the environment dry and dry, to avoid mattress damp. Do not let the mattress exposed for too long, make the fabric fade.

7, if not careful tea or coffee and other beverages knocked in bed, should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to force the way to dry, and then blown dry hair dryer. When the mattress accidentally contaminated dirt, you can use soap and water cleaning, do not use strong acid, strong alkaline cleaning agent, so as to avoid mattress fade and damage.

Clean the mattress: on the mattress to cover the cotton or rubber covered with a bedspread, to prevent being soiled. Timely removal of stains or stains, but do not make the mattress in the clean too wet, to wait until the mattress completely dry and then bed.

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