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Mattress Purchase Skills
Aug 24, 2017

Mattress is the most important part of home life sleep occupies our life 50% of the time, every day we will spend most of the time on the mattress, but why we will be two years for a new phone, but it may be 10 years Do not change the mattress? Change should start from the things you get in touch every day.

High-carbon steel wire secondary high temperature shaping: balance spring pressure, enhance the toughness of the spring to ensure the stability of the bed network and uniform force to ensure that the height and performance of the spring, the spring, Thus achieving a more durable effect. Mattress Ordinary mattress a few thousand dollars may be used 1 to 2 years will be updated, and good can be used for at least 5 to 8 years, Mattress so the overall operator down more cost-effective;

Mattress selection should be high should not be low

The technical principle of mattress consumers do not need to understand, that is, scientists should understand things, but the mattress of the raw material structure must understand. People in the sleep, but also a process of physical relaxation. Due to the existence of the human body curve, Mattress whether it is supine or side sleep, can not do the whole body in the same plane.

Mattress is too strong, can not effectively support the whole body, resulting in only a few prominent parts of the body force. One is very uncomfortable, Mattress can not effectively relieve fatigue, and secondly will cause the spine deformation, three to force part of the pressure is too heavy, is not conducive to blood circulation. Mattress is too soft, the body will be deep in the mattress, Mattress causing the mattress on the human body squeeze, is not conducive to people heat.

Mattress buy Summary:

1, "see" brand: mattress purchase need to look for international brands.

2, should be "high" is not easy low: high mattress can give the body to provide better support, correction of bones, improve sleep quality, under the same circumstances, Mattress the purchase of high mattress more advantages.

3, to "personal" experience prevail: the purchase of mattress or recommended to the store to buy, each person's skin, muscle and nervous system are not the same, just like buying clothes, did not try, you can not determine whether it is suitable A mattress.

 Mattress from the structure up points can be divided into three categories: sponge mattress, traditional spring mattress, independent barrel spring mattress; from the material to points, Mattress but also can be divided into four categories: spring mattress, Mat, mattress mattress, mattress mats.The different mattress material is different, the use of the crowd is also different!

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