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Mattress Selection Should Be High And Not Low
Aug 02, 2017

Mattress is the most important part of home life Sleep occupies 50% of our life, every day we spend a majority of time on the mattress, but why do we exchange two years for a new mobile phones, but probably 10 will not change the mattress? Change should start with what you contact every day.

Choose the mattress good or bad focus on spring, top mattress spring, high carbon steel two times high temperature setting: Balance spring pressure, enhance the toughness of the spring, Mattress ensure the stability of the bed network and the force evenly, to ensure the height and performance of the spring, so as to achieve more durable effect. Ordinary mattress Thousands of yuan may use 1-2 years will be updated, and good can be used to at least 5-8 years, so comprehensive calculation down the price is higher.

Mattress selection should be high and not low

The technical principle of the mattress consumers do not need to understand, it is a scientist should understand things, but the mattress material structure must understand. When you are sleeping, Mattress you are also a process of relaxing your body. Because of the existence of the human curve, whether it is supine or side sleep, can not be done in the whole body on the same plane.

Mattress selection should be high and not low

Mattress is perfect, can not effectively supporting the entire body, resulting in only a few parts of the body stress. A very uncomfortable, can not effectively alleviate fatigue, and secondly will cause spinal deformation, Mattress three force part of the pressure is too heavy, not conducive to blood circulation. Mattress too soft situation, the human body will be immersed in the mattress, resulting in the mattress on the human body extrusion, also is not conducive to people's cooling.

Now waist acid, mental pressure seems to have become a common urban white-collar, how to do? There are also many people in medicine who think that a good bed of sleep plays a crucial role in providing the right support and comfort. In fact, most doctors in the treatment of spine disease will ask patients what kind of bed, Mattress and for the rugged, or already sunken serious bed, the doctor will advise the patient to change the bed, which also fully demonstrates the good mattress for the human body, not only to help the spine back health, Mattress but also to prevent disease, improve sleep quality, avoid insomnia caused by mental and physical diseases.

Good mattress for patients with spinal and other diseases have efficacy, then what is the benefit of children? We know that people spend about one-third of their lives in bed, Mattress and it is very necessary to start sleeping in a suitable creation from infancy, and a good mattress is very important for the development of a child's skeleton, rather than simply keeping the child in an old, secondhand bed, and many parents are now buying mattresses for their children.

So what mattress is the best? Warhol Natural latex mattress soft and hard moderate, suitable for different age groups.

Warhol Natural latex mattress making use of the world's top materials, the characteristics of natural latex: ultra-high elasticity, ultra quiet, breathable antibacterial anti mite, gentle skin, durable, Mattress complete insulation advantages perfect integration into the mattress. The use of a combination of independent production, after strict procedures, the boss to build, more use of imported high-grade knitted fabric, to create a refined atmosphere of the appearance, highlighting the nobility. Professional to create high-quality consumer health sleep mattress, leading the new fashion sleep.

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