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Mattress Size Will Not Affect The Quality Of Sleep
Jan 16, 2017

Sleep is one of the central nervous system excitation and inhibition regulation of a normal physiological phenomenon, near 1/3 of the time of one's life is spent in sleep. People used to think that sleep is a passive state, people of a variety of physiological functions, such as muscle activity, heart rate and body temperature will be kept to a minimum. But in fact, the sleeping brain does not "rest" it and waking state as active, as research indicates that babies sleep in the study of things as much and waking state. During sleep, the body is not motionless, average per person per night is about turning over 20 times, the size of some hundreds of these postural regulation and actions is not only beneficial to blood circulation, nerve conduction, nutrient supply, and also help prevent muscle stiffness. Of course, the position adjustment and movement should not be excessive, otherwise it will affect the quality of sleep, while human energy consumption volume.

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