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Mattresses Bring Healthy Sleep To Consumers
May 27, 2017

And the Americans to the mattress as a consumable, the replacement period of the shorter consumption habits compared to the domestic mattress use cycle is relatively long, generally in seven or eight years or even ten years, become a durable goods. However, with the increasingly rich living standards, Mattress consumer awareness of sleep quality, this consumption habits are gradually changing, mattress update demand gradually released, glow with a new glory, followed by a new mattress popular, Like mattress mattresses, mattress mattresses, mattresses and smart mattresses and other personalized mattresses frequently introduced, so that consumers look at the same time, Mattress can not help but wonder, so many new mattress, whether it is a gimmick or innovation?

Sleep pillow and sleep after the mattress

Social pressure is growing, the modern population is generally troubled by sleep problems, how to sleep into a healthy people become concerned about the top priority, Mattress help sleep has become a hot topic. Hunan furniture leading brand good night home to launch a sleep system mattress, mattress according to ergonomic research and development, from pressure, decompression, partial pressure, pressure, decompression and pressure regulation of six aspects to solve consumer sleep conditions Poor situation, once launched on the well received, Mattress there are customers to reflect, in order to sleep well, she has tried drug therapy, strong exercise and a series of methods, but unfortunately no use, do not know is not a psychological effect, anyway This mattress to buy back to feel sleepy than before fragrant.

Mattress can give consumers a real healthy sleep, let us wait and see.

A hundred years ago, Simmons invented the mattress, a hundred years later, the birth of the mattress must not be the public's questioning sound, Mattress the end of last month, a domestic media choking sound 3D mattress in the material is actually ordinary polyester, The field of equipment is very common. For this purpose, Mousse convened a press conference to declare that its 3D material came from an international textile material supplier called Miller. Mattress with a special process to create high-end polyester fiber, Mattress and specifically for targeted research and development, higher raw material prices, and high-end brand cars and well-known European furniture companies used. Right and wrong, I am afraid that only experts get confused, Mattress but whether it can make people sleep comfortable and get consumer recognition and love is the most important.

Electric blanket PK mattress

The winter is approaching, a "mattress" of the new high-end technology sleep products in the bed heating market should be seasoned. Many consumers can not help but see after the doubt, what is the mattress? Is it not an electric blanket upgrade renamed after becoming a "mattress"? The answer is of course "No!", In fact, people commonly known as "electric mattress" electric blanket with this "mattress" Mattress technology sleep products are completely different from the two products, whether it is internal structure, working principle or appearance image , The use of effects are essentially different. Mattress with water as a medium for heat conduction, the use of mattresses like sleep in the physical therapy spa, we all know that the elderly easy to catch cold, in the past when the use of electric blanket in the winter when the children will worry about safety problems, with a mattress You do not have to worry about this problem, so the occasion of the winter, the mattress will undoubtedly become a popular mattress prepared for their parents.

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