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Memory Mattress Features Slow Rebound
Jul 11, 2017

The advent of the memory mattress, and did not cause too much waves, because consumers do not know the memory mattress, and memory mattress prices are mostly more expensive, Pocket with Memory Mattress so that more consumers to deter, then memory mattress good?

1 temperature sensitive memory cotton material is very sensitivity, according to the body's different parts of the temperature to provide a suitable degree of soft and hard, so that every part of the body can be a good rest and relaxation.

2 Slow rebound memory cotton also called slow rebound, Pocket with Memory Mattress it refers to when the product is under pressure and subsidence, but will not show a strong rebound force, but when the pressure is removed slowly after the original, so that the human body and mattress contact point of pressure evenly dispersed, to achieve the most comfortable state.

3 The most important feature of the decompressed memory cotton is to absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, and the general mattress will have a reaction to the human body, Pocket with Memory Mattress then the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress, people will feel sore and paralyzed, and memory cotton is no reaction, people like floating in the clouds, the whole body blood unobstructed, then people will sleep very comfortable

4 permeability and antibacterial mites memory cotton open cell structure, inhibit the growth of bacteria and mites, long time use is still healthy and safe, especially suitable for allergy-prone pregnant women and children to use. At the same time, it is a breathing material, sleep on the top people will feel transparent, not stuffy.

Memory mattress, also known as slow rebound memory mattress, is the use of space slow rebound material produced, this material is sensitive to the temperature, Pocket with Memory Mattress can be based on the changes in the body temperature is a good fit human body, shape the human curve. Latex mattresses, divided into natural latex and synthetic latex, natural latex is to take oak juice, by evaporation molding, synthetic latex mattress is extracted from oil refining.

Memory mattress material is an open viscous cell material, the naked eye looks more flat, touching the surface is very soft and flexible, with the hand pressed down, 3-5 seconds to restore the original shape; latex mattress Due to the particularity of the material, it determines the appearance of latex mattresses have many honeycomb-type pores, touch the surface is relatively smooth, like the baby's skin is silky, with the hands pressed, Pocket with Memory Mattress elastic mattress will immediately rebound back.

Memory mattress with slow rebound characteristics, and a strong sense of temperature, the general human sleep in the memory mattress, mattress on the human body no reaction, you can very well eliminate the pressure of the body, completely relax the neck and waist. Latex Mattress breathable good, with high elasticity, Pocket with Memory Mattress can meet the needs of different body weight, sterilization and anti mite, but also the effect of correcting sleeping position; Another advantage is that no noise, frequent turnover will not affect the partner. Their disadvantage is that the memory mattress has poor ventilation, and the application of the crowd is not wide, and also that with the temperature drop, memory mattress will harden and other shortcomings. Latex mattresses are easy to oxidize, latex mattresses can also make some people allergic.

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