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Memory Mattress Fit The Body Curve
Jun 27, 2017

Memory mattress its memory cotton is an open sticky material, has a very sensitive temperature perception, can be a good shape of the body's body contours. Memory mattress with millions of cells, can be very good with the contours of the human body and constantly changing, flexible and strong. Latex mattress is made of rubber tree sesame oil, made by technical processing. The body contact with latex mattress area to be higher than the area of ordinary mattresses, can be a good dispersion of the weight of the human body. Whatever memory mattress and latex mattress which is good? Light from their characteristics, it is difficult to identify.

The general requirement for the memory mattress process is that we touch it on the surface, to be able to feel its soft and elastic cotton. On the whole, Pocket with Memory Mattress its production process gives a sense of symmetry.

Memory mattress advantages

1 memory mattresses in the past few years in the domestic mattress industry in the sale of particularly good, once became one of the most popular mattresses consumers. What is the reason for this situation? We are familiar with the memory mattress, the general use of memory cotton material with other materials made of memory mattress or all the use of memory cotton material to build. Memory mattress on the human body without reaction, Pocket with Memory Mattress effective mitigation of human stress is known, then what is the advantage of memory mattress?

2 excellent support, good fit

Memory cotton material Rouran full, like jelly Q-like delicate, the human body lying on the memory mattress, memory mattress because of its special nature, can remember the spine curve, give the back of the best support, perfect fit the body curve, wait until After the release of pressure, Pocket with Memory Mattress gradually restored to its original state.

3 self-temperature

Memory cotton material is more sensitive to warm, but also with the temperature changes to change the hardness of the body, the body lying on the memory of cotton pad, according to the different parts of the body temperature to provide the appropriate degree of soft and hard, so that every part of the body Are able to rest and relax well.

4 weak resilience

The human body lying on the memory mattress can make people quickly eliminate fatigue, the mattress itself can fit the body curve, the body and mattress contact point pressure balance, the body muscle part of the oppression, to provide the most comfortable sleep environment ; When the human body pressure removed, Pocket with Memory Mattress the memory mattress will slowly restore the status quo, back to the beginning of the comfortable state.

5 good decompression

Memory cotton is the biggest feature of the ability to absorb and break down the body's pressure, and the general mattress will have a reaction to the human body, then the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress, people will feel soreness and paralysis, and memory Cotton is no reaction, people like floating in the clouds, like blood, smooth, so people will sleep very comfortable

6 stand without interference, anti-bacterial anti-mite

Memory cotton unique material is very good inhibition of the growth of bacteria and mites, so easy to allergic to pregnant women and children is very good, and often do not cause the turn involved, Pocket with Memory Mattress affecting the companion sleep. And memory cotton unique release shock resistance, for the gravity of the buffer effect is good.

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