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Memory Mattress Increases Deep Sleep Time
Jul 21, 2017

In this era of economic globalization, our competition is gradually moving towards globalization, in order to be able to make their lives more high quality, as students to continue training every day, is to ensure that they are not exceeded. And office workers are non-stop work, because the bearer of his shoulder is often a family. So the degree of modern fatigue is also greatly improved, it is inevitable desire to make up in good quality of sleep. Memory mattress, then the memory mattress can really improve sleep?

Memory characteristics of memory mattress with decompression, which decompression is what? Here is the decompression of space technology is derived from the memory of cotton, it can absorb and break down the body's pressure. The traditional sense of the mattress on the body will have reaction, the reaction will be on the human body spine and joints squeeze, so that the body often feel paralyzed and soreness, affecting sleep quality. On the contrary, Pocket with Memory Mattres the memory mattress on the body without reaction, can be a good elimination of human stress, bring good sleep quality.

Memory mattresses have a slow resilience, so that when they are under pressure, they do not show a strong rebound. Memory mattress with slow rebound material even in the high resilience in the destructive extrusion, still able to subsidence and gradually recovered. Pocket with Memory Mattress Pressure under the action of the memory mattress, the human body and mattress contact point of the pressure balance of the dispersion, slow deformation to adapt to external pressure, so that the human neck and waist and waist to be completely relaxed.

As we all know, memory foam mattress can absorb the weight of the human body, as well as a heat to make it gathered in the inside, if the summer is not air-conditioned, Pocket with Memory Mattress it is easier for everyone to back long prickly heat. But the temperature of the space can not be too low, the temperature is too low may be enough to wear mattress hardening If the situation is more serious under the circumstances, it may make its long mattress smaller, resulting in deformation.

From which it has the characteristics of temperature, we can know a little. Memory mattress improved, sensitive to temperature anomalies, it can be based on the different temperatures of the human body to provide the appropriate hardness, so that the spine can be rest is relaxed, Pocket with Memory Mattress is conducive to shaping the perfect body. Unlike traditional mattresses, the memory mattress avoids soreness and damage to the spine due to the bending of the neck and waist. But in the use and mattresses should also consider the time when the sleep, the indoor temperature, so as not to damage the mattress.

Whether it is before or now, sleep is a good way to relieve fatigue, but because the previous bedding has not been so delicate, so most people are still sleeping wood bed, often back pain. And later have a relatively large flexibility, touch the mattress is relatively soft, a greater degree of ease of human fatigue. In order to make people's sleep quality to be greater improvement, the birth of memory mattress has become a big breakthrough. If you also feel the quality of your sleep has been unable to ease the pressure of your life, may also wish to consider a memory mattress for it.

Memory mattress through the unique sense of temperature memory particles to perceive the body temperature, to provide a comfortable support hardness; at the same time to perceive, remember the human body curve, in accordance with the human body ups and downs perfect plastic, clothing to protect the neck, waist, buttocks, Pocket with Memory Mattress legs of the natural bending. Regardless of supine or side, can make the body parts in a stressless state, promote blood circulation, relieve physical fatigue and soreness, to avoid the traditional mattress because of the neck, waist bending production fatigue and stiffening, so that the cervical spine and spine Complete relaxation and rest, thereby reducing the number of unnecessary turn over sleep, reduce snoring, muscle soreness and other conditions.

1. Whether supine or side, can be automatically shaped according to the needs of the body Shu effect, the effective pressure to resolve the human body pressure, offset the reactionary force, completely relax the neck and waist and waist;

2. to avoid the traditional mattress to the waist and neck overhead bending fatigue and stiffening of the drawbacks;

3. Do not stop the blood circulation, Pocket with Memory Mattress not easy to produce fatigue and soreness, reduce the number of unnecessary turn over sleep, increase the depth of sleep time;

4. Excellent choice of materials, breathable is not hot, long use period;

How to choose the right memory cotton products

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