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Memory Mattress With Decompression
Aug 24, 2017

Memory mattress with a slow rebound and temperature characteristics, you can better fit the body curve, to achieve full support, so that the spine in a natural state of relaxation in order to enter the deep sleep. Spinal deformation can cause a variety of diseases. The space memory mattress is the worker's healthy mattress. Latex mattress with high elasticity is a major drawback. We can make a choice by repeated experience. Pocket with Memory Mattress You can refer to the wonderful Kasi's.

Memory mattress is the use of memory cotton as the material of the mattress, also known as slow rebound sponge, inert sponge, zero pressure, sponge and so on. With the decompression, slow rebound, temperature, breathable and anti-bacterial anti-mite characteristics, Pocket with Memory Mattress this mattress can absorb and break down the body's pressure, according to the human body temperature changes in different soft and hard, Pocket with Memory Mattress accurately shape the contours, Pressure fit, while giving the body effective support.

Memory mattress features

1, slow rebound

Memory cotton, also known as slow rebound, it refers to when the product under pressure and subsidence, but will not show a strong rebound, Pocket with Memory Mattress but when the pressure removed slowly after the restitution, so that the body and the bed The contact pressure of the pad contacts is balanced and reaches the most comfortable state.

2, safety and environmental protection

Memory mattress-specific material can be a good inhibition of the growth of bacteria and mites, Pocket with Memory Mattress so easy for allergic pregnant women and children is very good, and people do not feel sleepy in the above feel very transparent.

3, temperature

Memory mattress material is very sensitive to the temperature, Pocket with Memory Mattress according to the different parts of the body temperature to provide the appropriate degree of soft and hard, so that every part of the body can be a good rest and relaxation.

4, decompression

Memory mattress is the biggest feature of the ability to absorb and break down the body's pressure, and the general mattress will have a reaction to the human body, Pocket with Memory Mattress then the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress, people will feel sore and paralysis, and Memory cotton is no reaction, people like floating in the clouds, like blood, smooth, so people will sleep very comfortable.

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