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Memory Mattress With Decompression
Sep 05, 2017

With the improvement of quality of life, consumers in the choice of household items, no longer only focus on the practicality of the product, with health effects of household items more and more popular. In the mattress products, the memory mattress is popular in recent years, consumers welcome mattress products.

Memory mattress is the use of memory cotton as the material of the mattress, with decompression, slow rebound, temperature, breathable and anti-bacterial anti-mite characteristics, this mattress can absorb and break down the human body pressure, according to changes in human temperature Different hardness, Pocket with Memory Mattress accurate shape of the body shape, bringing pressure-free fit, while giving the body effective support, confirmed by the medical can effectively relieve skeletal muscle pain, adjuvant treatment of cervical and lumbar problems, reduce snoring, Condition, prolong the deep sleep time, improve sleep quality.

Memory mattress, whether supine or side, can make the various parts of the body in a relaxed state, in particular, so that the cervical spine and spine to be completely relaxed and rest, Pocket with Memory Mattress thereby reducing the number of unnecessary turn over sleep, reduce snoring, muscle soreness and other conditions, Increase the depth of sleep time.

Quality memory mattress standards

Good memory cotton material mattress mainly from the density, resilience, manufacturing process, life, safety and other aspects of discrimination:

1, the whole concept, a good memory cotton material density should be very uniform, it is because a good mattress is the use of mold a molding, Pocket with Memory Mattress the density of the manufacturing technology is very complex, only advanced countries can achieve large factories, so The real memory mattress is expensive, while high-end raw materials also exacerbate the high price. But the price is another embodiment of quality, many domestic pseudo-memory mattress less than a year on the hardening of the stiff, and really memory cotton is at least five years to keep the shape does not harden.

2, high density is a good memory cotton material is the most easy to identify a feature, the density of the performance of memory cotton a great impact, but also and product production costs are proportional, the heavier the more expensive, the general performance Ye Hao. Pocket with Memory Mattress Carry in the hands should be heavy feeling.

3, the touch surface is very soft and flexible, similar to the pudding jelly Q touch, hard pressed, 3 to 5 seconds is the best mattress rebound time.

4, at the same time, high-quality memory cotton material should be safe and tasteless, Pocket with Memory Mattress no harm to the human body. If there is a strong smell of the material may be added to the human body harmful chemical substances.

Memory mattress advantages introduced

Temperature: Memory mattress material is very sensitive to the temperature, according to the different parts of the body temperature to provide the appropriate degree of soft and hard, Pocket with Memory Mattress so that every part of the body can be a good rest and relaxation.

Slow rebound: memory cotton, also known as slow rebound, it refers to when the product under pressure and subsided, but will not show a strong rebound, Pocket with Memory Mattress but when the pressure removed slowly after the original state, so that can be very good The human body and mattress contact point of the pressure balance dispersed to achieve the most comfortable state.

Decompression: memory mattress is the biggest feature is to absorb and break down the body's pressure, and the general mattress will have a reaction to the human body, then the spine and joints will be squeezed by the mattress, people will feel sore and Paralysis, and memory cotton is no reaction, Pocket with Memory Mattress people like floating in the clouds, like blood, so that people will sleep very comfortable.

Safe and environmentally friendly memory mattresses unique material can be a good inhibition of the growth of bacteria and mites, so easy for allergic pregnant women and children is very good, and people do not feel sleepy above the feeling will feel very transparent.

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