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Soft Bed Purchase
Jun 13, 2017

The pursuit of fashionable personality of young people do not like the traditional rectangular bed, a rectangular bedstead with thick Simmons mattress, too popular, not their own characteristics, they prefer the soft bed. This bed is a new type of bed, generally has a cloth bed, leather bed and the combination of the bed, not only in the shape of more changes, its style also looks more noble, warm, modern sense some. Upholstered Bed Now in the market the soft bed is very popular among the younger generation of consumers, so let's take a look at the maintenance methods of this new type of bed.

Soft bed should avoid high temperature sun

If you are buying a soft bed of the cortex, you need to pay extra attention to the environment in your bedroom and the location of the bed. Because the bed is placed near the window, the outside sun can be direct to the bed, will allow the temperature of the cortex to rise, so that the cortex because of high temperature cracking, will affect the durability of its use. This cortical bed is needed to be placed in a place where the sun is not exposed and to avoid the heat as far as possible. The cortex of the bed in the maintenance also needs to be very careful, avoid sharp objects scratched into the cortex. If there is a dirty place to scrub clean, Upholstered Bed use a leather softener to scrub the face.

Fabric Soft Bed Jacket best dry cleaning, prevent machine wash damage fabric

Fabric of the soft bed general fabrics are very high-grade fabrics, the bed will appear warm and particularly noble, this is also very popular with female friends like a bed. Although it is said that cloth bed in maintenance than the cortex of the bed is much simpler, but in order not to let cloth fabric damaged, affect the beauty and practicality of the bed, the best in the bed set dirty when washing down, send to dry cleaning, Upholstered Bed or own hand wash, as far as possible with washing machine to wash cloth bed

Soft bed in maintenance to avoid regular local stress

The reason is called the soft bed is because the material used in the bed is softer material, after careful processing. The use of the material itself is softer, although there is a certain degree of flexibility, but if the regular local force, it is likely to damage to the spring, Upholstered Bed so that the part of the bed has collapsed, affecting the beauty, but also affect the practicality of the bed. For this purpose, the owner should avoid sitting in the same position for a long time, and also to prevent the child from jumping in the bed.

Soft bed on the outside to let the rectangular bedstead no longer eminence, beautiful fabric, stylish cortex decorated with bedside, bed and bed end, so that the whole bed looks more modern, but also more revealing the personality of the bed master trendy. Whenever you get into this new kind of soft bed, Upholstered Bed it's as if you're in a soft place, and it's a sweet dream.

At present, the soft bed in the furniture market is roughly divided into fabric bed, leather bed and PIBB combination bed Three kinds of display noble temperament bed, bedstead all by the dermis to do face, the hue is mainly white, red, purple, brown; the colourful fabric bed is made of all kinds of good-looking cotton or silk surface, it seems very warm; Pibb combination of soft beds will be woven fabric and leather art organically combined to decorate the bedside and bed surface, modern fashion is not to say. In the modelling aspect, the soft bed broke the traditional rectangular bedstead eminence The situation, has the diameter two meters around the round table, also has the general size rectangular bed. Some soft beds on the bedside pillow can also adjust the height, not only to make people sleep more comfortable, before bedtime under the lamp to turn a few pages of books, or rely on the soft bed to watch TV, Upholstered Bed the feeling of tenderness came.

Although the soft bed has many advantages, but the purchase also has a lot of knowledge, must not only pay attention to its gentle appearance, ignoring the intrinsic quality. Here's a good way to teach you a few simple ways to identify the quality of a soft bed:

Look at the surface of the soft bed paint film

The general soft bed is through the spray painting, only then has the beautiful color. Paint spraying is good or bad, is to test a soft bed technology is an important standard. The soft bed is mainly matt lacquer and high varnish. Matt Lacquer is a bit of sanding feeling, more wear-resistant, but due to lack of luster, feeling more bleak. If the sand is more easy to get dirty, inconvenient to clean. High gloss paint color smooth, no matte wear-resistant, but the color is very bright, let a person look feel very comfortable, and better clean.

Look at the paint film, can not only look at the general, you have to look at the small, such as soft bed corner, soft body bedside angle corner Corner, these places are relatively easy to be neglected, there is no plane good spraying, so the process will be reduced, see here can see the paint film do good or bad, there is a soft bed on both sides of the place often sit, this place is more friction, is also to examine whether the thick paint film a place.

If you see the paint falling place, not that the paint film is not good, perhaps in transit and handling of the collision. There is a spot where you can see the thickness of the paint film, but not all of the sample soft beds will be painted.

Many businesses will say their soft bed paint film good, easy to rub. If you can, ask the boss to take a ballpoint pen in the light-colored place to see if it is easy to erase. If can, then after the soft bed careless was contaminated good to manage.

Look at the material of the soft bed

A: Look at the bed weight and bottom box plate thickness and weight, because the thicker the bed and the bottom of the box plate that proves its internal material density of the larger, consumers as long as gently try to lift the bed angle can be learned and compared. If you can, you can try to check the load-bearing capacity of the bottom box, because the bottom of the box is our storage space, sometimes we may be placed items or cleaning up the health and trample, so load-bearing is also very important!

B: It can be tapped. Even if the paint do a good job, density board, solid wood particle board knock out the sound of absolute and solid wood, feel relatively light relatively empty.

C: Look at the back plate of the soft bed backrest. The surface must do very well, look at the back may be able to see the problem, the soft bed on the back and the front is as fine.

D: Look at the material of the soft body bedside table. The soft body is basically with the drawer, on the general is the pumping track, can take out the drawer. Because the pumping track is a hole in the screw, pull out in the back of the place, is to see the actual material of the soft bed. For example, the density plate, according to the density of the difference is divided into high, medium and low. The merchant says is the density is high, whether is, Upholstered Bed we do not know, seeing is believing.

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