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The Choice Of The Hotel Mattress Is Very Wide
Oct 11, 2017

Hotel Mattress Procurement When a lot of types, so many buyers in the choice of the hotel mattress when the choice, the different kinds of hotel mattress price, function, effect and many other aspects are different, then what kind of hotel mattress is the most suitable choice? How to choose the hotel mattress is the most reasonable? Of course, what is said here is not a certain number, Hotel Mattress it must be in accordance with its own needs to determine the hotel, the expression is only a few general conditions. I hope some of the things here will help buyers.

One, Mat mattress is the use of a large number of hotel mattresses. The mat mattress is a mattress formed by weaving the palm fibres into a meshed knot. The main use of palm fiber coarse long and elastic characteristics, mat mattress advantage is the texture of hard, inexpensive, difficult to deformation, waist, strength, Hotel Mattress spine disease or bone hyperplasia has a certain effect, but the mat mattress easily moldy, Southern coastal areas are not suitable for use. and Mat mattress suitable for the elderly and young children, suitable for the vast number of customers.

Second, in addition to the Palm mattress and is the spring mattress is also the hotel mattress choice more, and spring mattress belongs to the modern commonly used, performance better bedding, Hotel Mattress the bed core oil spring, each mattress used by the spring can be as many as 500~800, And the spring of brand mattress is made of spring forming machine with high quality carbon spring steel wire automatic control. The spring mattress is a little elastic. Support is better, can be due to the human curve to be better supported and supporting, Hotel Mattress and not prone to mildew, long life, but spring mattress if the force is too large or uneven to form a local collapse, in short, spring mattress applicable crowd is the masses of consumers, For the hotel mattress purchase is also a good choice.

Three, of course, the above two hotels mattress price is inexpensive, and practical, but now many hotels also need a good hotel mattress, need some special customization. Some star hotels can choose latex mattresses when choosing a mattress, latex mattresses belong to foam mattress, Hotel Mattress made of polyurethane compounds, also known as ph foam mattress, of course, there are some natural latex mattresses, from the rubber tree to get down the products, natural latex more green pollution-free, latex soft degree of high, absorbent strong. However, latex mattresses are low in air permeability and are easy to use with adhesive pads for long periods of time and are expensive.

The above three points are only for the vast number of hotel mattresses and choose to come out in detail, of course, there are other more hotel mattresses, Hotel Mattress especially the choice of star Hotel mattress is very broad, but the price is more expensive. The choice of the hotel mattress is usually a mat mattress or spring mattress, of course, Hotel Mattress can also be a dual-use mattress spring, can be produced in accordance with the requirements of the hotel.

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