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The Mattress Is Being Upgraded
Nov 01, 2017

Mattress is the most frequent contact with the human body, but also the longest time furniture, its importance is self-evident. At the very beginning, mattresses are usually filled with reeds, hay, wool and feathers, and the mattress is constantly being upgraded as the productivity level increases and the pursuit of comfortable sleep continues.

Sleep is the health of this, how to have a healthy sleep? Mattress In addition to work, life, physical, psychological and other reasons, with "health, comfort, beauty, durability," The healthy bedding is the key to access to high-quality sleep. With the continuous progress of material and technology, modern people use a variety of mattresses, mainly: Spring mattress, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, water mattresses, gas mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc., in these mattresses, Mattress the spring mattress accounted for a larger proportion.

Maintenance and use of mattresses

First of all, avoid excessive deformation of the mattress when handling, do not squeeze, Mattress fold or bend the mattress, not directly tied with a rope. To avoid damaging the internal structure.

Do not use a soft net bedstead or unbalanced bed board, lest the mattress spring is in a long-term stress uneven, resulting in fatigue and deformation of the spring. Before the mattress is placed on the bedstead, can be on the bedstead cushion a layer of soft fabric, as old quilt cover, and so on, Mattress in case the mattress long contact bedstead and was Luo bad mattress on the top should be covered with thin mattress and sheets, and then blindfolded to ensure that the mattress clean and human sleep when the health. Before this, the more important point is to remove the plastic bag on the mattress to keep the environment ventilated and dry, to avoid the mattress damp moldy.

Second, should try to avoid prolonged sitting on the edge of the mattress, Mattress do not let the mattresses local force overweight, avoid standing or let the child in the mattress jumping, to avoid local pressure, resulting in metal fatigue, affect elasticity.

Mattress in the first six months of use, it is best to each month the mattress is reversed, the head and tail swap once, half a year after every three months to flip, Mattress so that the mattress parts of the force evenly, to avoid local elastic fatigue, to ensure that the mattress good elasticity and appearance of the shape.

In addition, the mattress should pay attention to moisture, to avoid sprinkling water and baby urine, in order to prevent lining mildew, spring rust, shorten the life of the mattress. If the small child urine wet mattress, should immediately use cloth to suck the urine dry, and will move the mattress to dry outdoors, Mattress in order to keep the mattress itself dry and refreshing. Humidity heavy area or season, to often move the mattress outdoors to dry, at the same time to avoid letting the mattress exposure too long, so that fabric fade.

Finally, do not smoke in bed or use electrical appliances (such as ironing clothes), so as not to damage the fabric or cause a fire.

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