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The Memory Mattress Allows Your Sleep To Enter A State Of No Pressure
Oct 23, 2017

The advantages of the memory mattress

Good support: Good clothing, can remember the human spine S-shaped curve to give back superior support, after the release of pressure will gradually restore the original, can make the body natural curve clothing mattress, get complete support.

The memory mattress has the decompression sex, what is the decompression sex? Here, the decompression is derived from the memory of space technology, Pocket with Memory Mattress it can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body. The traditional mattress will have a reaction to the body, this reaction will be the body's spine and joint extrusion, so that the body often feel paralysis and soreness, affect the quality of sleep. On the contrary, the memory mattress has no reaction to the body, Pocket with Memory Mattress can be very good to eliminate the pressure of the body, bring good sleep quality.

The memory mattress has a slow resilience so that it does not show a strong bounce force when it is under pressure to sag. The memory mattress uses slow-rebound material even in a highly resilient, destructive squeeze that can still sag and gradually recover. Under the pressure of the memory mattress, the human body and mattress contact point of the pressure evenly dispersed, slowly deformed to adapt to external pressure, Pocket with Memory Mattress so that the neck and shoulders and waist to be thoroughly relaxed.

Self-sensitive: Memory cotton will change with the temperature changes in soft hardness, the human body sleep lying on the memory pad, the mattress can be induced by the body temperature and remember the unique shape of each part, and the object to form a foil, Pocket with Memory Mattress reduce the number of midnight roll over and wake up.

Keyed elasticity: Lying on the top can allow people to quickly eliminate fatigue, the mattress itself can be fully affixed to the body curve, relaxation of muscle tension. Pocket with Memory Mattress Low rebound force is the finger, body lying up, pillows and mattresses will not rebound immediately, but can be fixed in one place, relatively stable support.

Antibacterial mildew: Adopt complete antibacterial treatment, dust-free micro-particles can achieve true bacteria-proof, dustproof limping, mildew.

The memory mattress uses an open viscous cell material, it can accurately shape your body contour, let your sleep into the pressure-free State, relax your body, Pocket with Memory Mattress fast into the deep sleep state, at the same time give you the full support of the body, Fu ya memory cotton mattress using a unique large-size grid formula, greatly enhance the permeability of the mattress, To provide you with dry, breathable, comfortable sleep environment.

The memory mattress has the characteristic of temperature-sensitivity, we can know. Memory mattress After the improvement of temperature sensitivity, it can be based on the human body at different temperatures to provide the appropriate soft hardness, so that the spine can be rested very relaxed, Pocket with Memory Mattress conducive to shaping the perfect shape. Unlike traditional mattresses, the memory mattress avoids the soreness and damage to the spine caused by the overhead bending of the neck and waist. However, in the use and mattress should also consider good sleep, indoor temperature, lest mattress damage.

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