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The Memory Mattress Has Strong Air Permeability
Jun 13, 2017

Memory mattress As the name suggests is made of memory cotton mattress, memory cotton to the temperature is very sensitive, can be based on different parts of the curve shape the body, and even follow the human body's movement and change, at any time to give the most appropriate support, noise, Pocket with Memory Mattress let sleep more stable.

The advantages of pillow memory Mattress:

1. Temperature sensitivity

The memory cotton used to make the mattress has been improved on the temperature and sensitivity, we lie on the mattress, the mattress can be based on the body different parts of the temperature to provide the same soft hardness, perfect fitting the body curve, Pocket with Memory Mattress can let the body of each part is in a relaxed state, ease fatigue, bring a comfortable, safe, high-quality sleep.

2. Slow resilience

Memory mattresses can be under the pressure of the human body at the same time to spread the pressure, slowly adapt to the body's gravity, and according to the body curve to provide the most appropriate support for the site, Pocket with Memory Mattress so that the neck shoulder and back legs completely relaxed.

3, decompression

Memory mattress is characterized by the absorption and decomposition of the pressure, this is different from the traditional mattress, the traditional mattress is a reaction, especially the perfect mattress, the body's spine and joints are not fully relaxed, seriously affecting the quality of sleep. Memory mattress is to absorb the pressure, Pocket with Memory Mattress people sleep on the mattress without burden, sleep very heavy, can be very good into deep sleep.

4. Anti-Mite pest control

The structure of memory cotton is an open cell structure, can effectively inhibit the emergence of bacteria and mites, health and safety, for the allergy of pregnant women and elderly children is an excellent choice.

5, strong air permeability

The open structure of the memory mattress also allows it to have a good ventilation system, sleep on the top without the slightest sense of heat, Pocket with Memory Mattress in the hot summer will feel very comfortable.

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