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The Structure Of The Hotel Mattress Is Particularly Important
Sep 15, 2017

Usually we often go to travel will stay at the hotel, senior hotel mattress is a comfortable to enjoy, soft and comfortable, more able to promote sleep. Hotel mattress standards and specifications of what the characteristics;

1, the hotel mattress shape and characteristics

General hotel mattress shape tend to a simple style, a single color simple color, while more conducive to mass production procurement. Special theme hotel and special style hotel mattresses are mostly custom-made, according to the hotel needs to be customized to meet the characteristics of the hotel mattress supplies.

2, the size of the hotel mattress

Hotel mattress mainly according to the size of the hotel bed to set, Hotel Mattress the hotel's single mattress specifications are generally: 120 * 200, double specifications: 150 * 200,180 * 200. Mattress height is generally more hotel mattress material so the general hotel selection of materials are more common class are so in the 22-28CM height around

Hotel mattress material characteristics

The structure of the hotel mattress is particularly important, the main specifications are the following two categories:

1, independent tube bag spring - in accordance with the size of individual stretching, Hotel Mattress to provide considerate support. Spring anti-corrosion moisture-proof fiber cloth by ultrasonic sealing bag.

100% natural latex cushion - elastic lasting, Hotel Mattress appropriate support for all parts of the body, to maintain the natural curve of the spine.

All-weather software frame design - bring 360 degrees professional care.

Treasure Cushion - Luxury Cushion - distinguished and privileged.

European senior brocade flour - effectively prevent dust and bacteria from breeding.

Egg shell-type cushioning emulsion layer - can accurately respond to the body weak pressure to ensure that sweet sleep.

Natural sensory cotton - the effective release of stress, make your sleep more relaxed.

2, stainless steel chain spring - the high temperature of the overall heat treatment, strong pull, Hotel Mattress to provide adequate support

European cotton noodles - pest control, anti - bacterial, anti - mite and fire treatment.

Fire sponge buds - effectively prevent dust and bacteria from breeding.

Fill the cushion - the infrared treatment, so that the mattress is comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The hotel is to give customers a quick and comfortable sleep rest, and the relationship with the tenant extremely close may even directly affect the tenant is to visit again is the hotel selection mattress. Hotel Mattress Want to let the tenant feel comfortable, the body can be relaxed and rest, mattress for the hotel's contribution is essential, so the choice of hotel mattress is essential. So what is the good hotel mattress? Debao professional hotel mattress has three criteria:

First: the tenant regardless of what kind of sleep position, Hotel Mattress the spine can maintain a straight stretch, to maintain a good sleep stress curve.

Second, the pressure is equal, different weight of the tenants lying on the mattress above have excellent support to the body can be fully relaxed.

Third, the hotel mattress production materials must be environmentally friendly and healthy. Health and environmental protection is directly related to the physical health of tenants.

Hotel mattress, hotel mattress selection, it is best to choose good quality to meet customer requirements, while selecting high quality environmentally friendly materials to ensure physical and mental health. De Bao hotel mattress core patented products are fully removable mattress is dare to face the customer to accept the real material, Hotel Mattress while washing and washing can keep the mattress clean. In the purchase of mattresses do not look at the color shape or price, in fact, the most important thing is the quality of the mattress itself has a comfortable sleep experience. So that you can buy the mattress quality and comfort are guaranteed, but also for everyone who came to the hotel responsible for the tenants.

Hotel mattress maintenance tips

As the hotel mattress, because the frequency of use more often are not the same person lying, Hotel Mattress so the hotel mattress maintenance is particularly important, there are generally five areas need attention:

1, regular flip. Hotel mattress in the purchase of the first year of use, every two to three months positive and negative, around or head and feet flip once, so that the mattress spring force average, after about once every six months can be reversed.

2, if you are not careful tea and other beverages such as coffee knocked in bed, should immediately use a towel or toilet paper to force the way to dry dry. When the hotel mattress seriously contaminated dirt, you can open the cover can be cleaned with soap and water.

3, remember to use the plastic bags must be removed to keep the hotel mattress ventilation and dry, Hotel Mattress to avoid mattress damp. Do not let the mattress exposed for too long, make the fabric fade.

4, with better quality bed sheets, not only to sweat, but also to keep the fabric clean.

5, keep clean. Regularly clean the mattress with a vacuum cleaner, and the mattress can be cleaned and cleaned regularly.

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